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Are You Ready To Level Up Your Brand?

I help Fashion and Beauty Brands establish visual and verbal identity through Modern and Strategic Brand and Web Design.

THE FEMMEPIRE  FIRM /ˈfemˌpī(ə)r/: A boutique design studio that shatters the boundaries, translating ideas and inspiration into beautiful visual concepts.  

Branding/Social Media/ Web Design/Creative Direction

You’ve worked hard to build A Fashion or Beauty Brand that is as unique as you are. You see your brand growing and your products on the shelves of luxury retailers. Now, you need visuals that will take your brand story to the next level.  That’s where I come in. I'll listen to your goals and integrate your message into one cohesive, luxurious story. 

Let's Create You're Dream Brand!


I'm Ameera

Founder, Brand Designer and the creative soul behind The Femmepire Firm. I help brands connect with their ideal clients through modern luxury visuals, product packaging, and web design. I’m the right designer for you if...


  • You have a great quality product, but you aren’t attracting enough of your ideal audience. 

  • You have done some DIY design work on your own, but it’s missing the mark.

  • You are too busy running your business to work on your own branding  

  • You are tired of hiring designers that don’t follow through on projects. 

  • You want a dedicated expert to help your brand grow.  

  • You've viewed my work and feel it aligns with your brand's vision.

Together We'll Work On...




Logo and ID


Web Design


Brand Purpose
Brand Vision
Core Values


Verbal Identity 

Working With Me Means You’ll Receive... 

  • A Clear Brand Identity with Clean Lines 

  • Peace of Mind with a Designer Dedicated to Your Brand 

  • An Authentic and Consistent Brand Advocate 

 Are you ready to transform your brand?


Here's What You'll Get

  • 1-on-1 Personal Attention from an Experienced Professional Brand Designer

  • High-Level Communication that Aligns with Your Goals 

  • Timely, Deadline Driven Results



Here's What You Won’t Get

  • Cookie Cutter designs that make you look like everybody else. 

  • Flashy “Fly by Night” graphics – trends come and go, brands stay.

  • Handed off to 3rd party designers 

  • Long turnaround times


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